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The landscape of US Marijuana Legalization and drug policies in the US has changed dramatically. In more than 50% of the US (28 states), marijuana is now legal for medical use. Eight states have legalized marijuana for recreational use, and it’s legalized in the capital Washington DC. The face of the 420 movement was expedited by Colorado MMJ laws and the legalization of recreational marijuana in 2013.

US marijuana legalization

US marijuana legalization is at an all-time-high. A number of states have recently passed initiatives that allow the use of recreational or medical marijuana. Many people feel that this movement has been a long time coming. Once things got moving, however, they moved fairly quickly, with several states all voting at around the same time. With different levels of legalization involved, it can be hard to keep up with what is legal or where. 2016 was a revolutionary year for the legalization of Cannabis across the Untied States.


At The Spot 420 — one of the best local dispensaries in Pueblo, Colorado — we want to make sure that you can stay informed. Here is a recap of recent voting results in the US on the question of whether or not to legalize marijuana:


Let’s start with California. With more than 38 million residents, it is the most populous state in the union. California citizens had already voted for a measure to allow the use of medical marijuana. It’s not so surprising that citizens of the state of California voted for recreational marijuana use. Fifty-eight per cent of California voters were for the initiative.

The result is that individuals aged 21 and above may possess up to one ounce of marijuana without breaking the law. They can also have six at home plants for personal consumption.The size of the population alone made this a big win for everyone pro-legalization. The changes that were proposed were also among the most dramatic, including the creation of a system to retroactively reduce drug offense sentences.


Maine’s Question 1 was more lenient than California’s proposition. Since Question 1 was passed this November, recreational marijuana is now allowed in Maine under state law. Individuals can have up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana and they may grow cannabis plants at home. They can have six flowering plants and 12 non-flowering plants at home for personal use.

Despite being a relatively lenient proposition, the vote was won by less than half a percentage point. It was such a close call that those against legalization of marijuana have demanded a recount. What’s more, Governor Paul LePage would prefer to see the federal prohibition on cannabis enforced in his state. He has said that Question 1 was not well drafted and that numerous legislative fixes would be required.


Massachusetts’ voters on Question 4  this election season have secured the right to possess up to one ounce of marijuana and six at-home plants for personal use. Also included in the initiative were plans for a 3.75 per cent excite tax set to go to regulations and the state’s general fund.


Following the voting on Nevada’s question, individuals can possess one ounce legally. Also, anyone who lives more than 25 miles from a dispensary is permitted to grow up to six plants at home.


Arizona’s Proposition 205 regarding the legalization of marijuana for recreational use was not passed. About 48% of Arizona voters were for the proposition. Unfortunately, this was not enough to see the initiative in place.


Thanks to an initiative passed on Election Day, Florida citizens will have access to legal, medical cannabis, but it’s not legal until January 2017. The law was just five pages long, so there are likely to be many amendments and some issues to work out. These might include the need for marijuana users to have a medical marijuana card issued by the state.


Medical Marijuana was finally legalized in Arkansas on Election Day this month.

Medical cannabis

Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana has been legalized in North Dakota, Arkansas, and Montana. People suffering from pain, illness, and various medical conditions, will be able to benefit from the positive effects of legalized marijuana.

While 420 in Colorado has become an informal national holiday, there is still plenty of work to be done. What will happen regarding US marijuana legalization in the face of President-Elect Trump is uncertain. The wave of legalization cases across the US, however, is a positive sign. Growing numbers of patients will have access to medical marijuana as a source of pain relief, relief from depression and anxiety, and other conditions, many of which are still undergoing research. For those who want marijuana for recreational use, it’s good to know that the tide of public opinion is generally turning for legalization. This is a boost for freedom of choice and can also help the problems of criminalizing cannabis users.


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