Valentine’s Day Marijuana Edibles & Romantic Hotels

Transform your Valentine’s Day experience! Give the gift of Valentine’s Day marijuana edibles – such as Valentine’s Day marijuana chocolates and flower – or enjoy a romantic getaway at a nearby hotel. Visit our medical and recreational dispensaries in Colorado and find something nice for that special someone in your life.

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Edibles

Cannabis, Chocolates, and Champagne – The Perfect Valentine’s Day! Who says that you can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day with cannabis? If you and your special someone are cannabis enthusiasts, then you have the perfect ingredient to add to the most romantic night of the year!

How to Enjoy Valentine’s Day in Style

So, what are the elements that combine to make an unforgettable Valentine’s Day? The first thing you need to do is get away. If you have kids, call up Grandma and surprise your partner with a night without them.

There are nearby hotels that are cannabis friendly, so you can enjoy all the things you like to do when it’s adults only.

  1. Days Inn in Pueblo
  2. Knights Inn in Pueblo
  3. Kozy Motel in Pueblo
  4. Quality Inn in Trinidad
  5. Days Inn and Suites in Trinidad
  6. Tower 64 Motel and RV

Valentine’s Day Edibles

Maybe you wish to get a sweet treat for your sweetheart? If you are interested in picking one up, head on over to Sweet Grass Kitchen. They have multiple recreational cannabis bakeries throughout the state including Trinidad and Pueblo. Check out their buttermelts. Buttermelts are the perfect treat to feed your sweetie to get the evening rolling. The White Russian version looks very decadent! Check out Sweet Grass Kitchen.

Spice up the evening by getting your lady a cannabis lollipop. You can get Mountain High Suckers from The Spot 420. We offer various flavors, including watermelon, tangerine haze, blueberry, and caramel apples.

Check out all of our delicious edibles for more Valentine’s Day inspiration. The Spot 420 dispensaries offer many edible cannabis products, so you’re bound to find something fitting for the special day.

Love’s Oven cookies are also available at The Spot 420 dispensaries in Trinidad and Pueblo. What could be sweeter to give your love than a cookie baked in Love’s Oven itself? They have sugar cookies, double fudge cookies, and baklava cookie bar bites.

Valentine’s Day Marijuana Edibles and More

One of the most important elements required for a successful Valentine’s Day is a gift for your true love. Check out these wonderful ideas for your special night.

  1. Heart Shaped Box of Buds- Pick up a box of chocolates in a heart-shaped box. Eat the chocolate. Then break up little bits of your best bud and place them where the chocolate was. Now that is a heart shaped gift box that is sure to impress! You might want to keep some of the chocolate back, however, in case she fancies a bite too.
  2. Bud Bouquet- Take some bud. Tie it with a ribbon. It is that simple! Of course, adding some roses, tulips, carnations or lilies with a little baby’s breath would go a long way in the aesthetic department.
  3. Pot Leaf Valentine – Make a homemade Valentine for your date! Forget the classic red, heart-shaped construction paper and go for a green piece. Cut out a pot leaf and decorate it as you would any Valentine! Don’t forget the glitter. Homemade Valentine’s Day cards need loads of glitter!
  4. Put a Ring on It – Nothing says “I love you” like a tiny box and a bended knee. Just make sure that the box has a ring in it. If you have already taken the plunge, you can still say “I love you” with a cannabis ring. There are some truly beautiful cannabis ring choices to be found on Check out this diamond encrusted stunner.
  5. Feeling frisky this Valentine’s Day? –  Head on over to and explore the sensual cannabis product they offer. “Foria Pleasure” is the product that was made to enhance your sexual experience. Check out their testimonial page and you may become a believer before you buy.
  6. Massages are a Must – Massaging your sweetie’s back is a must this Valentine’s Day. Pick up some massage oil or lotion by Mary Jane’s Medicinals.  If you are using massage oil without cannabis, however, you might want to enhance your massage with a little Stratos THC for relaxation or a good night’s sleep. Most people would have more than sleep on their minds though.
  7. Candlelight – Candlelight is the perfect accessory to any romantic evening. Kings of Kush have a line of candles that are named after strains of weed. Blue Dream, Lemon Haze, and XXX may be good names for your romantic evening. You might want to avoid the White Widow on the day though.
  8. Lingerie, Last but not Least – Lingerie is a favorite part of Valentine’s Day. Why not get sexy in marijuana lingerie and clothing. You can find lush lingerie at Sassy Club Wear.

No matter what, this Valentine’s Day is sure to be one to remember. Cannabis, champagne, and chocolate. Does life get any better?

Be sure to check out our Valentine’s Day Marijuana Edibles, including Valentine’s Day chocolate edibles and more, and all of our Cananbis products online. Drop into our dispensaries in Pueblo or Trinidad. Our talented crew and our budtenders will make sure that you have everything you need to have a great time with your Valentine. We hope to see you at The Spot 420 – some of the best recreational dispensaries in Colorado.



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