Thanksgiving is a day of endless delicious food, good friends and/or family and relaxing. With that description, is anyone surprised that Thanksgiving is a cannabis lover’s favorite holiday? And some even take it to the next level by hosting a weed Thanksgiving!

A weed Thanksgiving is a simple concept: incorporating cannabis into a Thanksgiving meal. For some, this is the main meal on Thanksgiving day. But for many, this is an event you do with friends ahead of the main holiday (like a cannabis-friendly Friendsgiving). The most popular way of hosting weed Thanksgiving is to infuse all the festive foods like stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, pie, etc., but this method often leads guests to ingest way more cannabis than they need. Infusing the actual Thanksgiving foods can really lead to a bad experience.

So, we’d like to give you some other options for hosting a weed Thanksgiving this year.

3 Ways to Host a Weed Thanksgiving

#1: Start with an Infused Appetizer

Edibles, while they take longer to set in, last for hours, making them a really nice option for a longer meal. You can start your weed Thanksgiving with an appetizer of edibles that will slowly elevate the guests as you move into the main meal. And we don’t mean just throw a bunch of infused candies on a platter and call it an appetizer. This can be done quickly, easily and in a classy way.

Binske has really taken Colorado edibles to the next level with their versatile and delicious marijuana edibles. Their infused wildflower honey (100 mg of THC) is a fantastic addition to a cheese plate. Add this on the side of grapes, nice crackers, soft cheeses and some sort of savory cured meat like salami for a really elevated start to your weed Thanksgiving.

Binske also makes an amazing infused olive oil with Colorado cannabis and organic garlic from the Napa Valley. It’s absolutely delicious and perfect for a simple and decadent appetizer. Simply pour this olive oil onto a small plate and add some freshly ground pepper and a tiny pinch of sea salt. Pair it with a freshly baked baguette and your guests will all be impressed.

#2: Sip on an Infused Beverage During the Meal

When hosting a weed Thanksgiving, it’s probably a good idea to skip the alcoholic beverages. Instead, opt for infusing your dinner with a festive punch or cannabis cocktail! Unlike edibles, infused cannabis beverages hit a little quicker but their effects can last for hours — another perfect option for a long meal! Plus, there are so many amazing new infused beverages on the market that will make this incredibly easy.

Take, for example, CannaPunch infused sodas! Their black cherry flavor can easily be made festive by adding some fresh ground ginger (or ginger beer) and a fresh squeezed wedge of lime. You can do these single serving with CannaPunch 10 mg bottles or make a large batch with their 100 mg option.

No matter which size you go with, these can be split into smaller doses by diluting one CannaPunch with some plain soda water. These microdoses are perfect for being able to sip all night without getting too high.

#3: Pair Concentrates With Each Course

Cannabis concentrates are fantastic because they highlight the terpenes and flavor of marijuana strains in a way that often gets masked by the smokiness of flower. Because the flavor really stands out, concentrates are a perfect choice for pairing with different foods and courses. If you pair them correctly, the flavor of both will be enhanced!

The easiest way to do this is by purchasing a few disposable vaporizer pens, like these from Dixie. But if you want to go the extra mile, head into your favorite Colorado dispensary, The Spot 420, to pick out some of the most flavorful concentrates made from the strongest marijuana strains.

Let our budtenders at The Spot 420 know what courses or foods you are planning to serve and we can help you pick out the perfect concentrate to pair it with. Maybe start with some fragrant Grapefruit Haze by Bakked that will add a nice citrus hint to a starter salad. And, as if your food coma won’t be bad enough, finish off your weed Thanksgiving with the strongest Indica strain you can find.

Bonus Tips for Hosting a Weed Thanksgiving

If you do decide to infuse actual foods for your weed Thanksgiving, please remember to label it clearly! Your label should clearly state it is infused, include instructions on dosing and give the total amount and the type of cannabis used so everyone is properly informed. It’s also a good idea to keep this dish separate from the rest to avoid anyone dosing themselves on accident.


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