The great stoner holiday, 420, is well known and celebrated throughout the cannabis community. But, there is a lesser known stoner holiday, 710, that is starting to gain popularity. What is 710? What does 710 mean? And how is it different from 420?

What Does 710 Mean?

710 is a holiday specifically celebrating cannabis concentrates, in all their forms, where 420 is a larger celebration of cannabis culture as a whole. This cannabis holiday has gained popularity fairly recently, most likely fueled by concentrates’ rise in popularity with cannabis consumers and the availability of these magnificent products.

Why did they pick the number 710? If you turn the numbers upside down it spells “oil”, a common term for marijuana concentrates. Back in the days of black market sales, you could “page” your “cannabis provider” the number 710 which spells oil upside down on a pager and they would know what products your were looking for.

If you are looking to celebrate this newfound stoner holiday, you will need some quality concentrates.

Types of cannabis concentrates

Chances are you’ve heard the term “dab” as an umbrella term for consuming any type of concentrate. But there are a variety of options, all unique when it comes to concentrates. The differences between the types mainly lie within the extraction method. It’s important to note that concentrates, as their name aptly suggests, are extremely concentrated forms of cannabis and new users should take it slow in the beginning.

Here is a quick list of some of the most popular varieties:

Cannabis Wax, also known as Butane Hash Oil (BHO), is an extremely concentrated and potent form of cannabis. Wax is made by packing a tube with buds of cannabis flower and then blasting the flower with Butane, extracting concentrated THC. After the butane is purged, the end result is a hard wax with high potency levels and sometimes even hallucinogenic type effects.

Bubble Hash
A form of hashish, Bubble Hash gets its name because it actually bubbles when smoked. Bubble Hash is made by separating Trichomes, the glands which hold the oils and resins on the cannabis plant that are extremely potent, from the actual flower buds. This process is easier than it sounds because Trichomes are oily and do not mix with water. Using ice, cold water, and a little agitation, Trichomes fall off into water and then can be filtered out to create a great cannabis concentrate. People use bubble bags to make bubble hash and the process is very easy and safe to try.

Cannabis shatter is a glassy concentrate that has a great shelf life. Shatter is made through essentially the same process as cannabis wax, or Butane Hash Oil. The only real difference is the temperature at which the Butane is purged at the end of the process. Depending on the temperature used, the end result will be either wax or shatter.

Live Resin
Live Resin is a new and very popular cannabis concentrate because its extraction method preserves much of the natural flavor and aroma of cannabis flowers. Concentrates extracted with butane require the plant to be cured, exposed to high levels of heat and other elements. All of these things degrade the terpenes, or flavor/essence molecules found within Trichomes, and leave BHO concentrates with little to no natural flavor.

In contrast, Live Resin is made by flash freezing cannabis flowers as soon as they are cut from the stalk. These buds remain frozen during the entire extraction process, allowing the terpene profile to remain intact way more than other types of concentrates. You can also make Live Resin with fresh buds or ones that you purchase from your local dispensary.

Hash Oil Cartridges
Hash Oil cartridges are a convenient way to consume your concentrates. All you need a pre-filled cartridge and vape pen. These vape pen cartridges are filled with hash oil, most often made by dissolving cannabis in solvents.

710 Event In Colorado

7/10 Sesh 2017

Denver, Colorado (Exact location upon ticket purchase)

Monday, July 10th, 4:00 PM -11:00 PM

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