The conversation around cannabis has changed drastically in the past few years. Since legalization in many US states and a lot of research going into the benefits and effects of cannabis, parents are among the avid adopters and supporters of cannabis.

There has long been a negative connotation around cannabis use in the US, but what the rise of medical marijuana and thousands and thousands of success stories, the door can no longer stay closed on the use of cannabis by parents. Cannabis isn’t just for the high school deadbeat who doesn’t have direction. We are seeing a massive surge of cannabis adoption outside of this damaging stereotype including parents and the elderly.  

Many parents are now speaking openly about using cannabis and how it has helped improve their lives overall, and this includes parenting. The days of hiding cannabis use are coming to an end as many parents are sharing success stories of cannabis use and becoming better and more empathetic parents. There’s also a lot more play, and who can be mad at that?!

It used to be that parents would come home from a long day of work, pour a cocktail or crack open a beer and interact with their children. While this “order of operations” is widely accepted in American culture, it’s not the right move for everyone. Alcohol is a substance that can be easily abused and doesn’t necessarily agree with everyone. It can make some people anxious, aggravated, depressed, and outright angry. And when children watch this ritual day after day, they can assume that this is just what it is an adult. 

Cannabis is a preferred alternative for many in the US to “take the edge off” after a long day, and now that cannabis is widely available in such high quality, it’s no surprise that many parents are making the switch from alcohol to cannabis. The cannabis of today is not the cannabis of most parents’ high school experience. And with the industry taking off, many parents work within the cannabis industry, which means they also deeply understand the medicinal benefits. 

In an article in LA Weekly, the topic was explored and stated: “Parents are 52 percent more likely than non-parents to replace alcohol with cannabis, and 26 percent more likely to replace opiates.

For Jason Pinsky, chief cannabis evangelist at Eaze and producer of Viceland’s Bong Appétit, framing cannabis not only as a tool for wellness but as a medicine helped him foster a more transparent relationship with his now 11-year-old son. ‘I wouldn’t even compare it to having a drink. For me, cannabis had always been portrayed in our household as a medical product,’ Pinsky says. ‘You know how parents will do something and the kid comes in and they try to sweep it under the rug? Kids pick up on that, so we tried to normalize it.’”

This couldn’t ring more true of the impression kids have on just about anything. From horror movies and sex to pot, the more open and honest the conversation is, the less the child will demonize or idolize whatever it is that’s being held away from children due to age etc.

When the stigma around cannabis is removed, and it is normalized by parents, children are less likely to be drawn into consumption in the same way that most parents experienced in their youth.

Parents, Cannabis, and Play

Beyond the medicinal benefits of cannabis, and the alternative use for pain management and stress, most parents who consume say that cannabis makes them more fun, less stressed, more tolerable of children’s moods and desires, and more capable to truly be present with their children.

The to-do lists never end, but thinking about all the stress that is taking place in life while spending quality time with children can be damaging to the relationship and emphasis the normality of stress in children’s lives. We all want to just be kids again, with the imagination that takes us to different planets, and the free time to just dream. Children are a glowing example of what adults used to be, and what we can regain and reinvigorate with the use of cannabis.

The inner child in all of us just wants to play, be loved, and have fun. And that’s all kids are looking for as well. But with the mile-long lists, work and life stress, spouse disagreements, etc, it can be hard to even remember what being a kid was like. This makes an imprint on our children as well, and we show them that being an adult is no fun and games, creates constant stress, and there’s no time to play.

Cannabis can be used to be radically in the present, connect with your imagination, release the grip of stress and anxiety, and show your kids that you do know how to have fun. The same article in LA Times stated: 

“Moses, whose kids are 2 and 13, says cannabis helps him connect with his ‘inner child’ in a way that makes it easier to get into that play world in a more creative, energetic way than he’d otherwise be capable of. By experiencing more common ground with his kids, he says it’s easier to empathize — which is especially useful with his youngest, who’s still developing a grasp of the language.”

When parents are more open, relaxed, and present with children, this makes for a better relationship overall. The positive impact it can have on children will also help them become more balanced adults. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a good relationship with either or both of their parents, so when we can do something that will cultivate that depth and positivity from a young age, divorce or other interruptions to the relationship may be less emotionally damaging. 

While smoking in front of children is not something these open parents are ok with, they are still advocating for the use of cannabis while parenting. 

This trend of opening up about the impact cannabis has on parents, the openness they have with their children about it, and the ripple effects it has on other parents and communities is only growing. As cannabis continues to be legalized, and with the nationwide availability of CBD, it’s only a matter of time until our society is a radical supporter of cannabis use.

If you’re a parent who advocates for the use of cannabis, while parenting or otherwise, stop into The Spot 420 and tell us about it! We’ll stock you with all your favorite cannabis goods and we’d love to hear your story.


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