For many, cannabis and yoga go together like peanut butter and jelly. Doing yoga stoned can be an incredibly deep and transformative experience! 

The pairing of a practice that already calls you inward with an herb that expands the mind and brings levity to life is truly a match made in heaven for some. With the legalization of cannabis spreading across the nation, many are adding a hit or two, or even an edible, to their yoga practice to take everything to the next level. 

However, integrating the two is generally seen as a taboo in the yoga community. Purity of mind, body, and spirit for a natural high is what yoga focuses on. But now many yoga teachers are making their own rules as they’ve had wonderful experiences from using cannabis wisely in their practice.

Historically, yogis were rebels and went against the grain of religion and expectation. While the text that formed yoga is ancient, there is still a lot to be learned from this physical, mental, and spiritual practice. What yoga teachers and students alike are loving about pairing cannabis with yoga is that it allows you to locate and open doors in the mind and the body that previously weren’t available to the full extent. 

Being fully in the present moment while breathing into nooks and crannies in the body to create space and inner peace is priceless for yogis who love to integrate cannabis into their practice. And with the wide acceptance and rapid legalization of cannabis, “elevated” yoga studios are popping up where patrons can practice while high!

Ganja Yoga is a new practice founded in 2009 in San Francisco by Amber Demers. This style of yoga invites cannabis into the space in a welcoming and accepting way. Starting with a 30-minute social smoke (cannabis is BYO, not provided by the studio), practitioners are able to connect with one another before stepping on their mats to travel inward together. “People get messages and insights in their Ganja Yoga practice,” Demers stated in an interview. “Some even have visions or hear sounds… and, after class, the peace they’ve cultivated on the mat helps them radiate more light to the world.”

The sense of community this style of yoga creates is also very accepting, open, and encouraging. This is exactly what the world needs more of, and if that means more yoga and cannabis, sign us up!

While you can also attend a yoga class at any studio high, you can also find studios or private lessons in homes where cannabis is consumed by all before dropping into down dog.

Cannabis and Yoga: Do’s and Don’ts 

If you’re interested in integrating cannabis into your yoga practice, or starting from scratch all around, here’s some tips to ensure you have a pleasant and powerful experience:


  • Know your consumption limits and don’t push it in yoga. You’ll be physically exerting your body, placing your head below your heart, and possibly doing strenuous moves. If you’re too high, this can make you lightheaded, nauseous, or even fall. 
  • Start small and see how you feel before you hit the bong. Beginning with 5-10mg, you’ll be able to have a gauge and set a “benchmark” for consumption during yoga.
  • Consume a familiar strain with your yoga practice so you know what to expect. Stick to what you know and go with the flow.
  • Cannabis and yoga aren’t going to get you into the Crossfit games. Let go of the notion that this has to be a sweaty workout and choose a class like Hatha yoga or Yin yoga where you can go deep in body and mind and spend more time in each pose. 


  • This is not the time to experiment with a higher does of THC, edibles for the first time, or a brand new strain. Small doses of familiar products is the name of the game.
  • Similarly, don’t try new backbends or postures that will challenge your motor skills. Everyone is affected differently, so just go slow and test the waters before you attempt anything like a handstand or scorpion.
  • Announce that you’re high to the entire class if you’re attending a regular yoga studio under the influence. Keep it to yourself, and the magic that unfolds will be all yours.
  • Giggle in class and cause a disruption. Whether you’re at a regular yoga class or a 420 friendly class, it’s still important to respect the space and the experience of others.


Yoga alone is a very healing practice that is both ancient and modern. It is being used to help soldiers manage and recover from PTSD, as well as assisting the elderly with mobility and muscle strength. You can even attend a yoga class at your local gym! Gone are the days of pretentious and expensive yoga studios. If you’re nervous about being in a class or group setting while experimenting with cannabis-infused yoga, you can go on Youtube and practice at home.

There are so many ways to integrate cannabis in your yoga practice, and one of the most important aspects is what you’re going to consume.

Best Strains for 420 Friendly Yoga

If you’re going to do it, a hybrid strain like Blue Dream Girl Scout Cookies is a safe bet for first-timers. Why? You’re getting the best of both worlds with a hybrid: Indica and Sativa. This will target both body and mind to help you have that deep spiritual experience while also getting physically deeper into some positions.

You can also start small with a familiar edible that has both THC and CBD in it. This glorious combination has so many calming benefits. It’s a perfect pairing for the yoga mat to help you really drop in. 

Stop into The Spot 402 in Trinidad and Pueblo to pick up your favorite strain and chat with us about adding it to your yoga practice. Our budtenders are highly knowledgeable about all strains, edibles, and products, and they love to discover what our customers are up to. 

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